UPDATE on Buck Inn planning application – please support!


Buck Inn Planning Application

Below is a link to the planning application to facilitate the upgrading and re-opening of the Buck Inn as a Pub and Restaurant.
Grindleton Community Pub Ltd (GCP) strongly support this application and hope you will also make RVBC aware of yourGCP and others have made offers to purchase the Duke of York, all of which have been rejected and there seems little prospect of that position changing.
We firmly believe that the plans for the Buck Inn represent the best opportunity of re-establishing a viable pub and restaurant at the heart of the village in the foreseeable future.
The Conservation Officer, who is also the Planning Officer for this application has raised a number of objections to the plans which are set out in Section 3.0 (pre-planning submission) of the Design Statement. It seems somewhat ironic given that RVBC have, despite a number of representations, declined to use the powers they have to enforce maintenance of the Duke of York yet the Conservation Officer believes the plans for the Buck Inn are harmful to the character, appearance and setting of the Duke of York.
Without strong public support the application for the Buck Inn may well be rejected. Should this happen we have little doubt that it would result in the two pub buildings at the heart of the village continuing to deteriorate.
We strongly encourage you to support this application and encourage other residents of Grindleton, who may not be on our email list, to write in support.
Comments on the application can be submitted via email to: planning@ribblevalley.gov.uk There is also the possibility to submit comments via the planning website, but we are aware that in the past this has proved problematical. If you do use this method, please ensure you get a confirming reference number after you ‘submit’, if you do not your comments have not been registered.
The GCP steering team have met recently and concluded that we need to continue to monitor progress at the Buck Inn before deciding upon our next steps. This position will be formally reviewed no later than the end of the year.
Please submit you comments as soon as possible. Comments submitted after August 6th may be disregarded.
Grindleton Community Pub Steering Team