UPDATE July 2020


You may have noticed that the “For Sale” sign has been removed from the Duke of York pub in Grindleton.
Simon Stansfield, the current owner of the Duke of York, has confirmed to the Steering Group that he has withdrawn the property from the market. He has informed us that he has exciting new plans for the Duke of York which take into account the depth of feeling in the village and surrounding area. He has committed to share his plans with us in due course but has given no further information at this time.
The Steering Group will attempt to see these plans as soon as possible. We hope these plans involve the restoration of the Duke of York so that it can regain its role as our village pub. Until this becomes clear GCPL will retain the investment capital in case the plans are not as we hope or are not progressed.
Simon Stansfield has given a commitment to the Steering Group that the Duke of York will be constantly maintained to ensure there is no deterioration.
We will update you with any further information as soon as it is received.
Regards, The Grindleton Community Pub Ltd. Steering Group.