Update on Planning Decision

At a planning meeting on Thursday 25th June 2020 the Ribble Valley Planning Committee unanimously rejected the application for a change of use of the Duke of York.
This is great news for our efforts to purchase and renovate the Duke of York, as the current owner has now had two planning applications for change of use rejected.
No doubt the Planning Committee were influenced by the numerous (over 70) letters that were sent to them objecting to the application, so a very BIG thank-you to everyone who wrote these letters!
The decision means that the Duke of York has been saved from re-development. Although the current owner may appeal the decision, or amend his application, we are confident that he will not be successful.
We are now even more hopeful that the owner will agree to sell the Duke of York to Grindleton Community Pub Ltd at a realistic price so that it can be saved, renovated and once again become the centre of our community.
GCP Ltd Steering Team