RVBC have now published on the Planning website all the comments submitted in respect of this planning application.
It appears that 69 objections were received and the quality and thoroughness of the objections is excellent. The objections are an important consideration which the planning officer will need to consider as part of his recommendation to the Planning Committee.
Should you wish to read the comments a link to the RVBC Planning document is below.


Please be aware this is a lengthy document (209 pages). RVBC have tried to obscure the identity, not very successfully, of those who have submitted comments.

RVBC have promised that we will shortly receive details of how the public can follow the Planning Committee meeting online.
REMEMBER, THE MEETING WILL TAKE PLACE AT 5pm ON THURS 25th JUNE. As soon as RVBC provide details of how to follow the meeting we will pass them on.

Thank you for your continuing support.

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