We need your help!

A note from the team appears below:

(If you are an investor aiming to write a letter to RVBC and need a reminder of key issues, please refer to the e-mail from Grindleton Pub, entitled ‘Duke of York – New Planning Application’, sent out on19th March – or feel free to contact the team for information).

“We very much appreciate that during this time of national crisis people have far greater concerns than the future of the Duke of York. The crisis has though demonstrated the value of community support and the importance of local facilities and services.
It may be difficult at present to look to the future, but it is worth a moment to think about what is important to the long term well-being of our community.
If the latest planning application for the Duke of York is approved it will be lost to our community forever. The deadline for comment on the application is 7th April. We have over 200 investors and supporters and it is important that as many as possible make their views known to RVBC.
If you have not yet commented do not miss your chance to have your say on the future of our community.”
The planning application can be found at:

​Grindleton Community Pub Steering Team.